TOP 12 Nightclubs on Mykonos island

TOP 12-Nightclubs on Mykonos Island

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TOP 12 Nightclubs on Mykonos island

(Part 1) 

Since the 60’s, Mykonos is famous worldwide when it comes to the most trendy groovy appealing nightclubs. Nightclubs are located all over the island, easily reachable. Mykonos Nightclubs release unique vibes that seduces all Mykonos visitors.

Without any further delay, here are the top 12 nightclubs in the windy island:


Only 5 minutes away from Little Venice, this 2 floors nightclub remains one of the most trendy, loaded and restless locals in the island. In fact, it’s well renowned for hosting many artists and worldwide DJ’s, who are glad to put the dance floor on fire. Snazzy design while painted mostly in white, its astounding dance floor just won’t leave you indifferent.

Jackie’O Nightclub

Without any doubt, the LGBT community has notably contributed to turning this club into one of the most glamorous Mykonos destinations. Therefore, if you have decided to carry the fun by the Aegean blue sea then, you may consider Jackie’O club. The party starts late in the afternoon, while the burning dance floor takes place at the poolside. Furthermore, well-known DJ’s are keen to entrain the party lovers, as the fun spreads to the jacuzzi or to the beach. So get ready to dip your toes into a pool of freedom

Skandinavian Bar

Located in the heart of Chora, the beat can be felt spreading inside out through the narrow streets of Mykonos downtown. Skandinavian Bar gets so jam-packed, that the party moves outside, turning into an open-air party. Either you decide to start the night with some shots, or party all night long there, dancing, fun, and satisfaction are absolutely guaranteed.

AT 54

AT 54 praises pride honors the pride flag and celebrates diversity. The local itself overlooks a marvelous blue scenery. From there you will enjoy a stunning sunset while getting a cocktail. Surely an excellent way to start the nightlife in Mykonos. Stylish designed and decorated with offbeat paintings, AT 54 is one of the hottest spots on the island. The party carries inside or outside, while the good tunes are maintained all night long.

Queen bar

Chora is surrounded by delightful restaurants. Therefore after dinner, you should drop by for few shots or an artsy-crafty cocktail. If you are fancy of a champagne shower party, you have come to the right spot. This bar offers its clients the best champagne brands on the island. However, don’t underestimate the dimension of the club. Out of the blue, the place humbles with people inside and outside, blending into a party vibe.


If you decided to stay in Chora by night and do bar-hopping, the Bonbonniere club should definitely be on the list. The upscale club disposes of an outside and indoor space. Opening into one of the main squares of Mykonos downtown. Bonbonniere has become a gathering place for people from every corner of the globe. Not to mention the alluring interior design, it offers exotic shisha flavors, enticing cocktails, and a juicy party vibe. The local is indeed famous and popular enough to catch celebrities attention. So, how about dropping by, make some memories and also some Instagram stories?

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