The best Mykonos day beach bars

The best Mykonos Day Beach Bars

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The best Mykonos day beach bars

Mykonos island is a famous worldwide destination for summer holidays. Beside its vivid downtown “Chora”, the astonishing “Little Venice” and the tremendous windmills…

The breathtaking beaches are one of the main reasons to motivate guests coming over and over again. The water is crystal clear, while the trendy beach bars fit perfectly into the Aegean landscape. Regardless the way you intend to spend your next holidays on the island, relaxing on a sunbed, enjoying a drink with friends, tasting a great meal with family, practicing water sports or even crazy dancing by the sea… These are the 5 best Day Beach Bars that you should definitely swing at least once in a lifetime:

SantAnna Beach Bar

SantAnna beach bar has been able to make a brand name over the last years. From the sunbed covered by a cabana, you will get spoiled by the stunning blue Aegean scenery while enjoying a cocktail. The local provides its visitors an outstanding saltwater swimming pool, where people will merge in a lounge atmosphere. However, if you are seeking privacy away from the party vibes, then the private islands will be more convenient for you. SantAnna beach bar disposes of a luxurious catering, fancy boutiques, and Beauty & Spa facilities.

Principote Beach Bar

Set on Panormos beach, this upscale beach bar remains one of the most alluring spots on the island. Not to mention the enchanting azure landscape, the local itself has plenty to offer. Firstly Principote beach bar is perfect for the admirers of refined cuisine. The ingredients are meticulously picked, then handcrafted by the chef, in order to transform into a culinary art masterpiece. The beach bar disposes of limitless choices of shisha flavors, giving a touch of laid-back mood. Therefore, from your breezy sunbed or a cozy table, we are sure that you won’t miss luxury and party

Super Paradise Beach Bar

This in vogue beach bar is one of the leaders in regarding parties by the sea. So there is no wonder why worldwide celebrities would dance next to you. The local is a merger between mother and Human nature for its anti-conformism, which is appreciated by all. Parties starting usually in a spontaneous way and stay peppy, thanks to renowned DJs till dawn. So relax on a sunbed facing the Aegean Sea, taste your cocktail and prepare to “party” in every moment

Tropicana Beach Bar

There is no question why Tropicana is one of the hottest spots on the island. It had made quite a name to become a reference to the dancing “sand floor” party lovers. Regardless of the genders, Tropicana beach bar always creates the right atmosphere to keep the party on fire. Thanks to famous DJs, Champaign showers and professional dances performers but mainly for the people’s bodies that become intertwined.

Honorable pick: JackieO’ Beach Bar

We can’t speak about Mykonos hottest spots and not mention JackieO’ beach bar. The local is offering the visitors all kind of entertainments. From sunbathing on a sunbed enjoying a refreshment, joining in the jacuzzi, savoring a delightful lunch prepared by the award-winning chef Peskias, or simply letting the lounge music drag you to the dance floor. From this beach bar, you will also witness the astonishing sunset by the Aegean blue sea, before the party starts.

We should also acknowledge that the LGBT community has enormously contributed to turning JackieO’ into a nifty, classy, trendy beach bar world-wild.

Nammos Beach Bar

Nammos can be described as fancy, cozy but above all, Evergreen. Over the years it became the beach bar most longed for, by all Mykonos visitors. Set on Psarou beach, the local has access to a breathtaking turquoise landscape, elegantly designed. Awarding an excellent food service, artsy crafty cocktails, and a hot burning dance floor. Furthermore, Nammos has been able to distinguish itself from the other beach bars, thanks to its private Cabanas. In there, the V.I.P guests can unwind themselves in private hot-tubes, enjoy cremant champagne with enticing amuses-bouches prepared specially by the chef. The local disposes of as well in Nammos dock where you can anchor your yacht and disappear in the crowd.

So to sum up:

let’s get this party started!

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