• Mykonos, Greece
  • From €1.000 / DAY
  • 34°, Clear

Powerboat Twins Cigarette 360

Powerboat Twins Cigarette 360 Brand maintained through history for 40 years. It is more than a Powerboat, it is the exemplary Brand that also translates to Speed and Lifestyle. Cigarette aims to serve the needs of the most discerning Powerboaters, from Celebrities, Royalty, and Racers to boating enthusiasts.

The Twins Powerful Cigarette 360, Marlyn & Grouper Ecomariner serves those who love to “see much in short time”: quick beach hopping, Private Sea Transfers around Mykonos, to other Islands or Athens, Boat Events and Mykonos-Santorini in few hours. Recommended weather for the day Speedboat Cruise is maximum force 5 wind.

Powerboat Twins Cigarette 360

The Twins are two exactly same Powerboats distinguished from their different interior and exterior design and colors: the Gold-Brown one for Elegance and Style and the Black-Red one for Trendy and Sports Performance.

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