TOP 12 Nightclubs on Mykonos island (Part 2)

TOP 12-Nightclubs on Mykonos Island

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TOP 12 Nightclubs on Mykonos island

(Part 2) 

Since the 60’s, Mykonos is famous worldwide when it comes to the most trendy groovy appealing nightclubs. Nightclubs are located all over the island, easily reachable. Mykonos Nightclubs release unique vibes that seduce all Mykonos visitors.

We continue the ranking of the Top 12 nightclubs located in the island, from where we left it


Guzel the nightclub with traditional mykonian architecture mingles and a modern interior design. It is fully accessorized with artisanal pieces of furniture. If you let the humble frontage to fool you, then you will miss all the fun. The local is indeed tremendous, disposing of an enormous dance floor, always heated up by the best DJs. There is where good tunes, party lovers, and magnetic vibes come together. These moments are unskippable.


This club has a peculiar name, inspired from the church next door; so ‘‘Amen’’ this place knows to party. One of the hottest spots in chora, Moni Club got it all. The open-air dance floor by the pool, a marvelous veranda where ‘‘Yamas’’ (cheers in Greek) is heard in every corner, pool dancers and well-renowned DJ ’s. Of course, can’t skip the artists that are thrilled to perform live on stage. The traditional mykonian architecture of the local has been entirely enhanced with a luxurious modern touch. After all, a night in Moni is definitely recommended


After a round of shots in Little Venice bars, you should head off to Mykonos old port, where this new club has just opened his doors. Madon overlooks the seashore, so expect a dark blue view, unquestionably magnificent. Under a roof adorned with chandeliers, people merge into the dance floor. Professional dance performers set an entertaining show, while amazing tunes keep hypnotizing the vibe all night lon

TOP 12 Nightclubs on Mykonos island

(Part 2)

Toy Ro0m 

The nightclub industry franchise has decided to drop the anchor in Mykonos island in 2014. Settled in one of the hottest spots, little Venice, the local has made quite a name since then. Don’t let the façade mislead you. Toy RoOm counts as one of the finest, trendy and luxurious clubs in Mykonos Island. The interior design by itself is a contemporary artwork, while the party vibe is just contagious. The fun is usually carried in the terrace, that overlooks the Aegean sea and is sustained till dawn, thanks to the greatest mixes. Don’t miss to stick around and finish the party after a stunning sunrise


If you prefer to find your element in the boho style and lay back in the atmosphere, then Scorpios is an absolute must-see. Located in Paraga beach, the club offers its guests an eco-friendly, cozy and freeing new experience. The local is an outdoor space, overlooking the astonishing blue sea while being elegantly enhanced by original cabanas and tents. Furthermore, the tune blends perfectly into Scorpios background offering fusion music, trance music, and African rhythms… Keep in mind to not skip the sunset that fades into the Aegean sea, while the easy-breezy party is getting started

Cavo Paradiso

As we saved the best for last, Cavo distinguishes itself from the others by its ability to blend house music into the mykonian nature. Located on the hillside of Paradise beach, Cavo Paradiso awards its guests with a marvelous panoramic view of the Aegean sea. The place disposes of 2 floors. An enormous dance floor turned on by famous worldwide DJs, like the chain smokers, Steve Aoki, Afrojack and many more, and a terrace with a stunning landscape, where the gigantic pool is settled. The vibe gets more electric, as the fun keeps up all night long.

So party lovers, get your google map and go for the treasure hunt of the most exciting nightclubs in Mykonos island!

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