Mykonos Greece

Mykonos Greece

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Mykonos Greece – You might have heard that Greece’s Islands are remarkably famous. The name of Mykonos in Greece or Santorini had probably popped up while having a conversation with a couple of friends, or simply while watching a movie that had made you dream of the Aegean blue sea.

Mykonos Greece

The Cyclades region is one of the top destinations for summer holidays according to people from all over the globe. Tourists who had spent vacations in the area were entirely satisfied with their experience! But why Mykonos has distinguished itself from all the other islands? Maybe you should ‘’not’’ come over here and explore it by yourself. Anyway, we are enlighting you what Mykonos island has to offer and giving you some credible reasons to ‘’not’’ think about planning your next holidays in here.

Mykonos aka the windy island

The island has a moderate Mediterranean climate, just ideal for summer holidays. Even though the high season officially begins the month of May, summer starts way too early, in fact, the rate of tourists increases meaningfully by the month of April, while the summer season ends in late October. Therefore, you have approximately 7 months in which you can plan your next dream holidays.

Despite the humidity during summertime, the northern wind, which Mykonos is so renowned for, keeps it cool on this period, so it is no longer a mystery from where it got its nickname. The sky is cloudless, the days are rainless and the temperatures are just « TELIA » (perfect in greek ) to enjoy a nice relaxing day by the Aegean sea.

Into the blue

Speaking of a witch, one of the top reasons why you may ‘’not’’ consider visiting Mykonos island is unquestionably THE AEGEAN BEACHES. The water is crystal blue, not too cold to enjoy either a day or a night swim, and the view is just astonishing.
Either you are an amateur of swimming and water sports, a fan of chilling out and sunbathing in beach resorts or even a beach party person, dancing until sunrise, you will find your element at the Mykonian beaches.

They are located all over the island, no matter where you decide to head off, you will be entirely satisfied. Therefore, our top picks would certainly be the beaches located either south or southeast of Mykonos downtowns such as Platys Gialos beach, Ornos beach, Paraga beach, Paradise beach, Agios Ioannis Bea and so many more to ‘’not’’ discover.


Chora, as the locals call Mykonos downtown is one of the most vivid places not only in Greece but in entire Europe during summertime! While you’ll be walking downtown through the narrow streets, you’ll discover the Mykonian architecture: the whitewashed cubic houses, with their balconies, nicely decorated and elegantly accessorized by the purple bougainvillea trees.

On your way, you will cross also a variety of modern and artisanal shops, not to mention the trendy restaurants and coffee shops. Although these streets, forming a sort of a labyrinth might seem a bit tricky, they all lead either to the seafront or to squares where will you will find beautiful churches. As a matter of a fact, during summertime, these streets become intensively loaded with people walking, shopping, having drinks, exchanging words in every language possible, just magical!

Not feeling tempted yet?

The hills are alive with the sound of windmills

The tremendous windmills are without any doubt The landmark of Mykonos island. These white round windmills with a pointed roof Standing in a row on a hill, are the first thing seen while approaching the harbor of Alefkandra. They face towards the north as they overlook the sea, 2 characteristics which are far from being selected randomly.

In fact, the way they were built back in the 16th century, has the purpose to suit best the winds’ direction. Currently, there are counted around 16 windmills in Chora, that from the 20th century have gradually stopped being functional and turning over the years into a touristic location.

The Little Venice

The little Venice is by far one of the most iconic features of the Greek island. you may know about Venice’s houses built on the water, but do you know about the little Venice’s houses? Back in the 16th century, these houses were built on the edge of the sea overlooking the southwest end of the harbor.

Some say that they were owned by merchants others say they were captains or even pirates. Nowadays these houses have been transformed into cozy bars and restaurants, trendy shops and even nightclubs. Keep in mind to visit the place by the sunset, the view of the sun vanishing into the sea is just mindblowing.
Maybe you need one more reason to not visit Mykonos island…

The sun comes down, the stars come up

We save the best for last! You can’t mention Mykonos without bringing up its nightlife. If you are a couple looking for romance, a family searching for a quiet evening or a couple of friends ready to party all night… you came to the right place. Mykonos island is ready to meet all kind of expectations.

The most trendy bars are located in Little Venice! The custom for party lovers is to do the bar-hopping in Mykonos downtown: the more, the better ! From Babylon bar, Cavo Paradiso, Paradise beach, Galeraki bar, Scandinavian bar, Montparnasse the piano bar, Jackie’O… and the list goes on.

Meanwhile, if you are an Aficionado of fusion music and Boho lifestyle, you don’t want to miss Scorpios, a stunning beach bar located south of Mykonos downtown.
Nevertheless, some other tourists are seeking for a quiet evening, away from the party atmosphere.

Hence, Mykonos island disposes of a sublime outdoor cinema, cine Manto as well as a variety of restaurants discretely isolated inside the verandas of typical mykonian houses and so on….

After reading these 6 reasons why you should ‘’not’’ plan your next holidays to Mykonos Island, you would probably start packing….!

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