Mykonos Airbnb

Mykonos Airbnb

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Mykonos Airbnb – The island is a worldwide top destination for summer holidays. In fact, during the high season, the average number of tourists reaches almost 300000 that keeps changing weekly. In order to find the most suitable place to stay during this period, many starts looking for their options months before their holidays get to start.

Mykonos Airbnb

Usually, tourists check their future accommodation through famous websites. It allows them to get a preview of the places available, the locations, the prices and even people’s review.

Our pick from these websites will definitely be Airbnb, one of the leader website, and which had become available as a free application too.

Airbnb was an unexpected breakthrough, changing forever the rules of the housing’s renting. The company proposes places all over the world, disposing of all kind of accommodations, easy to use either by a future guest or a host and suggesting reasonable prices, all at once.

So if you decide to go to Mykonos island and book a place through this app, here are few helpful tips

Spot the relevant results

This might seem the easiest part of your research. Unfortunately, there is no right answer. It is all up to your expectations. The ideal would be a location on the outskirts of the town where you can enjoy the magnificent landscape from the hillsides, the breathtaking beaches and simultaneously be close to the center to live the famous mykonian nightlife

The number of days is a game changer

The number of days that you will put on Airbnb to check for a place in Mykonos island is crucial. Usually, with long holidays the chance to benefit from the best offers gets lower only for the reason that many other accommodations have been already booked during your long-planned trip.

Therefore, you may consider checking the residencies availability by using different amounts of days, and even by slightly offsetting the dates from your intended trip

Photos vs Photos

The photos that appear in Airbnb results are the main element that can change your perspective towards the place, turning it into a fancy appealing accommodation. However, not all the photos are actually accurate.

Sometimes they are randomly picked from the internet showing landscapes that don’t even match with the location itself. For this matter, focus more on the housing contents, and keep an eye out for the landscape photos unless they are taken from inside the place through a door or a window making it this way more credible.


Mykonos island is well-known to propose well equipped and nicely furnished accommodations. During your research, have the care to get around on the facilities available. Some places might not dispose of the amenities that you actually need. For example, during a family trip, the guests would rather have at their disposal a washing machine, while during a friend’s trip, a highly equipped kitchen won’t be necessarily needed

The prices according to the season

No wonder that the prices get higher as summer gets hotter. When it comes to Airbnb, the prices vary from one accommodation to another, while they change as well from a period to another regarding the same place.

Beware of the prices shown at the beginning of your research. In fact, it would be better to select the actual days for your planned holidays and even try to book it because only then, you’ll get the right amount of the rent.

Speaking of extra costs, you should be aware that some accommodations request caution for their place, so always check this section on the app to get an idea about the exact amount that each place requests.

People’s review

A decisive criterion is the people’s experience. Mykonos island is famous for the high-quality services of its accommodations and not only, so usually, people are quite satisfied with their experience on the island. On the other hand, not all the reviews either positive or negative might be accurate. It’s all about people perceptions, some get extremely selective while others just go with the flow.

The Airbnb remains one the greatest option to plan your next trip to Mykonos island. The people’s reviews and the other criteria make it extremely credible, the prices are just affordable, and the destination is just amazing…. In other words, let ’s get these holidays started !!!!

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