Mykonos Activities

Mykonos Activities

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Mykonos Activities

On Earth, in the Water and Up in the Sky….

If you have planned to spend your next holidays in Mykonos island, I bet that you won’t get disappointed. The island offers its visitors an incredible pile of outdoor activities that suit all the plausible tendencies.

Besides sunbathing, or enjoying a tour of the beautiful narrow streets of chora, or just partying all night long, there are many exciting activities that will catch your eye.


“Out of the water, I am nothing”

Coming to Mykonos, either you are an affacionado or an undecided about water sports, you should definitely give it a try, Don’t ask why. The right attitude is why not. The majority of mykonian beaches offer these outdoor amusements, like Ornos beach, Paradise beach, Elia beach. A huge variety of water sports is suggested, which makes you feel like you pick a piece from a delicious tempting box of chocolate…tough call right! From kitesurfing, snorkeling, windsurfing, wakeboarding, stand up paddle, sea kayaking to canoeing. So which ones are your favorite?


“Dive into the blue”

Mykonos island is famous worldwide for its crystal clear waters. This makes it ideal to try an undersea adventure. Not to mention the colorful astonishing reef that surrounds the island, this activity will allow you to discover the other part of Mykonos history hidden under the water. You might cross on your way relics from Ancient Greece and the Roman empire, or remnants of sunk ships from the 20th century… The scenery is unquestionably unique. In addition, Mykonos is provided with many scuba diving tour guides, also able in giving scuba diving lessons for the amateurs who wish to improve their skills.


“Oh captain my captain!”

If you are seeking a more relaxing activity, feel the sunlight warming up your skin, or the wind blows your hair. Even enjoy a spectacular sunset and nothing but the stunning blue horizon, then sailing is the best outdoor activity for you. Sailing Yachts, motor and classical will suit all penchants. Get your company and go ahead meet your expectations. Furthermore, you could drop the anchor and explore islands. Delos, the archeological island, Rhenia with its lovely beaches and of course the magnificent Santorini.

All you have to do is to choose a yacht, wear your captain’s hat on and begin an incredible journey.

Helicopter Tour

“Hop on your Charlie Tango.” 

 Unfortunately, many visitors are not quite acquainted with this exciting activity. If you want to live an adrenaline rush experience in a fancy Christian grey way, then this is absolutely unskippable. The local guide will show you around the island while you are getting an overlook at the tremendous windmills, the Aegean blue beaches, the marvelous hills, and famous Chora. In short, the mykonian panoramic view worths every single penny… 

Jeep Safari

“On the road”

If you feel like a scenery change, seeking for stunning desert beaches or fascinating uncharted corners of the island, then taking the rural road on the jeep is ideal for you. There are piles of sites worth exploring. The remnants of Gyzi castle, located on the top of a hill above Ano Mera village. It was built and owned during the 13th century by a noble Venetian family. Then fell into the hands of the Ottoman empire and finally ended up as a “safe house” for pirates till the 19th century. On the way, you will drop by some exquisite beaches such us Agios Sostis beach, Fokos beach, Panormos beach, Houlakia beach, and many others. Therefore, do not forget your bathing suit, flip-flops, suncream, and a towel and enjoy this ravishing experience.

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