Mykonos Accommodations

Mykonos Accommodations

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Mykonos Accommodations – Without any doubt, the first things that cross your mind once you get in MYKONOS are the Aegean blue sea and the fancy windy island. Well, it is all true! According to many people from all over the world, Mykonos island remains one the first dreamy destination for summer holidays, and there is a reason behind it.

Mykonos Accommodations

The island offers an incredible choice of activities that will suit all kind of taste, not to mention the perfect weather, sunny rainless days and a wind that keeps you cool all day long. If you decide to spend your next holidays over here, well firstly: Excellent choice ! and secondly, here is a preview about the mykonian accommodations.

The Mykonian architecture

Like all the modern houses built recently in the Cyclades region, the villas respect the typical traditional Mykonian Architecture. In fact, the mykonian architecture has a precise purpose which is to suit as much as possible the climate.

The Flat roofs and cubic shapes work as shelter and provide protection from the wind that the island is famous for, as the house’s small openings eliminate thermal loads and reduce enormously the humidity level.

Besides this, the whitewashed walls decrease the absorption of the heat in an effective way, while the stone walls achieve cooling. Nothing is built in a random way.

In fact,  the orientation of the houses as well as the distribution of their volumes, suit perfectly the direction of the wind.

Moreover, the Interior yards, the different types of semi-open spaces -verandas, or the semi-open entrances all play a major role to make the villas  not only comfortable but also a place where you can live the mykonian experience in a way that can be described as unique, traditional and fancy all at the same time.

Mykonos accommodations

Mykonos island proposes an incredible amount of choices when it comes to its accommodations.

For instance, the ideal Mykonos villas are well known to be located on hillsides such as Agios Stefanos or Agios Sostis so the guests can enjoy the outstanding landscape of the Aegean blue sea from the balcony of a traditional mykonian house, while the hotels are famous for the high-quality services that they place at the disposal of their guests such as stylish spa, well-equipped gyms, refined restaurants and even transport to the airport.

In addition to these accommodations, residencies remain an elegant alternative either for families or friends. They usually offer luxurious amenities, making your holidays not only comfortable but fancy as well.

See Our Mykonos Villas 

The mykonian accommodations are well-known for their high quality, their impeccable services and their ability to fit your requests and expectations, no matter the season no matter the situation. Just try and you’ll see by yourself, you will be amazed!

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