Concierge Services

Concierge Services after the glamour of the past centuries and the fall in the late 90s, it is coming back in fashion, and the use of the term has again arisen. Nowadays it is used to indicate VIP and Customized Services by a professional. A Concierge is an employee of an Apartment or an office building, a hotel, a hospital, a tourism agency, a port or an airport. Concierge Services company in our times serves like a manager of lifestyle, a butler or a personal secretary. Concierge derives from the French words comte des cierges, which means count the candles. In Medieval ages there were servants that would take care of the candle lighting and the cleaning of  the palaces, who were called comte des cierges. 


A Style Villas & Concierge Services being a modern concierge is taking care every single detail for our VIP guests by performing various tasks in booking Villas, Yachts, Airplanes, Helicopters, Transportation, Security Guards, making restaurant reservations, recommending nightlife hot spots, procuring tickets for special events, coordinating porter services, arranging spa & massage services and everything that is needed to make your dream holidays a reality.

Concierge Services In Mykonos

Concierge Services in Mykonos, an island that hosts every summer most of the International Lifestyle Jet Set with limitless Requirements for our Exclusive Guests couldn’t be limited only in booking a Villa in Mykonos, a Yacht, an Airplane or a Helicopter and Luxurious Car Rental. In this demanding field with VIP and Customized Services, Concierge Services Companies have the duty to our Guests to deal with every Detail and Fulfil all your Requests and Desires in order to offer you the Perfect Holidays.


A Style Villas & Concierge Services  after ensuring our Guests comfort in your Holidays by booking for you a Villa in Mykonos, a Yacht, an Airplane or a Helicopter, a Luxurious Car, is staying Restless to provide a variety of Concierge Services in Mykonos that would satisfy even the most demanding Guest. Our First thought is to understand our Guests Needs, Preferences and Lifestyle so as to offer a Personalized Plan for your Leisure, after Booking a Villa in Mykonos that will Transform your Dream Holidays into Reality. Our Priority is to create a Business Personal Relationship with our Guests providing all time that is needed to Satisfy all your Requirements. Our Company’s aim is to offer you a Holiday Tailor-Made on you, saving Maximum Time for our Guests Cosmopolitan Leisure and Pleasure.


Mykonos Transfers is Provided for our Guests not only From and To the Airport, but also a 24 Hours Disposal with a Chauffer Service can be offered after Request, or arrange Transfers to Bars & Restaurants, for a Tour or a Special Event we could Book for you.


Private Security is an Exclusive Concierge Services in Mykonos for the VIP Guests we offer to Guarantee your Safety by Providing Bodyguards, Chauffeurs and Armoured Cars after Request.


Also Personal Stuff in Mykonos is always Available for Enriching our Guests Exclusive VIP Services and Creating the best Comfort that is Required. A Chef, a Butler, a Babysitter, a Personal Photographer, a Yoga Instructor and a Personal Masseuse are always Available to Serve you after Request.


Mykonos and Nearby Islands Tour are Planned Exclusively on our Guests’ Preferences and Beach Activities such as Scuba Diving which is always a Tempting and Breath-Taking Experience.


Our Villas Rentals & Concierge Services always Standing next to our Guests’ Desires, we have the Duty to keep you informed about the Best Restaurants and Nightlife Hot Spots in Mykonos and Take Care of Reservations on Behalf of you.


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Make a request for your Preferable Concierge & VIP Services in Mykonos from the following, or Request for the type of Service you Desire and it is Guaranteed by our Concierge Services Company that it will be a Memorable Experience for you, your Family and your Friends.